Turkish Union Mod in Electronic Gaming Monthly!

Renowned gaming magazine, Electronic Gaming Monthly, covered our mod in their January 09 Turkish edition. Eulogizing the high-end simulation production quality and professionalism of our group, the magazine especially paid attention to the coding ability of our group members for various game engines, including Battlefield 1942, Battlefield: Vietnam and Crysis. It also touched on future projects and commercial ideas of our mod.

Click here for the original coverage. [1.66 MB pdf]

Stay Tuned! :)

Turkish Union Mod


 Time to Join the Union!

In order to accomplish our new goals in the coming term, we are looking for new team mates who speak Turkish. Please click here to switch our website into Turkish to display our Turkish ad.

If you know Turkish mod makers who might be interested in, please invite them to read the ad.

Stay Tuned! :)

Turkish Union Mod


 New Turkish Forums Online!

As you probably noticed our Turkish forums were offline for a while due to a server fault. Sorry for inconvenience. Instead of reinstalling the same board we moved to Armed Assault Türkiye forums because it's the major Turkish ArmA community forums, uniting Turkish fans all over the world and being administered by ArmA Turkiye.net crew. It also offers international subforums for our foreign friends who speak English.

If you had registered to our previous forums, please sign up this new one as we can't transfer your personal information to the new forums.

By signing up our new forums you can;

*play with the missions of Turkish community and participate betatests
*join our ArmA clan and online tournaments
*get answers to your questions about addon making and mission designing in Turkish
*sharpen your skills by reading Turkish modding tutorials being prepared and write your own to support Turkish community
*share your missions and addons with Turkish community and get feedback
*simply chat about ArmA and have your voice heard in Turkish

Liked it? So Sign up our new Turkish Forums :)

Turkish Union Mod


 ArmA Turkish Forces Mod v1.0 Released!

Finally our initial mod for ArmA, "ArmA Turkish Forces Mod v1.0", released. This is the first Turkish Forces mod produced for Armed Assault by Turkish Union Mod. From wide Turkish infantry selection to mechanized and armored units, army aviation and special forces, this is the most comprehensive Turkish Union Mod ever in terms of quantity of units and level of detail. The mod consists of the following units;

Units & Weapons

1) Turkish Infantry
2) Turkish Gendarme
3) Turkish Mechanized Infantry
4) Turkish Marine Infantry
5) Turkish Special Forces - SAT Commandos
6) Turkish Special Forces - SAT Special Security Units
7) Turkish Commandos - Blue Berets (two subclasses with different cockades)
    a) Gendarme Commandos class
    b) Commandos (Mountain) class
8) Turkish Weapons - HK Series: G3A3, G3A3 ZF, G3A4, G3A4 ZF, G3A3 T40, HK G3 SG1


9) Land Rover
10) UH60 Turkish Land Forces Edition
11) M113 Turkish Edition


12) Turkish Military Security Zone Sign
13) Stop Sign in Turkish
14) Fire Station Set


15) 15 automatically appearing custom faces, created by modifying the original ones

Demo Mission

16) "Operation Hurricane" SP & MP versions. This template demo mission providing 60 made-up Turkish names ready in description.ext, 17 realistic radio speech in Turkish and more... Feel free to join MP game(s) on Turkish server of ArmedAssault-Turkiye.net. Server info is listed on their site.

Pure Distribution

17) VeloX Terrorist Units (v1.1)

We also put special Turkish Army images inside the pack to give you the real feel of Turkish Armed Forces. For more info about the Armed Forces, feel free to visit Turkish Army links under "Links" section on our website.

This is a signed mod with our newly registered tag, "TUMOD", however, we kept our old initial, TU, for the file names because this project began with our old initial, "TU", and now it would be exhausting to rename the entire project. This doesn't cause any problem in the game. From now on, our future releases will use the tag, "TUMOD", from p3d names to config classes.

Feel free to write down your opinions on BIS forums. Turkish Fans are also invited to our Turkish forums.

Hope you like it! :)

Download Full Bundle (ArmedAssault.info Mirror) [164 MB 7z]

This mod is packed by 7zip. Download 7zip for free.

Required Arma Version: 1.0

Turkish Union Mod


 ArmA Turkish Mod Upcoming!

Cheers to precious community of Operation Flashpoint & Armed Assault!

A couple of months ago a friend on BIS forums asked if we stopped modding for OFP and we replied; not yet. Now the answer is; yes. We can release some goodies for OFP in the future but we decided to go with Armed Assault from now on.

As the screenshot above reveals we're working on "ArmA Turkish Mod" nowadays.

Turkish infantry, mechanized and armored units, army aviation and special forces are planned to be made on the first hand.

Feel free to write down your opinions on this BI forums thread. We'll post more info about the project in coming days.

Stay Tuned! :)

Turkish Union Mod


 Cobra Series v1.0 Released!


Finally our latest title, Otokar Cobra 4x4 Light Armored Vehicle Series, is ready on shelves! Let's take a glance at the features of Cobra while you download it. More info is on the readme.

Also feel free to write down your opinions on
BI forums thread. Hope you enjoy Cobra!

Major Features on Otokar Cobra v1.0

3 types of Cobra;

1) Cobra - 12.7 mm - in khaki-brown camo scheme
2) Cobra - 12.7 mm - in plain khaki color
3) Cobra Command & Control Vehicle - in plain khaki color

3 Multiplayer Missions

1) Operation Storm
2) Saving La Trinite
3) Drug Convoy

*12.7 mm MG, against both ground and air targets
*Mind-boggling survivability against explosions (Cobra is designed against mines and rockets)
*Animated radar antenna (precise start & stop mechanism)
*Animated back door and cargo hatches
*Working full gauge
*Working GPS computer on C&C vehicle
*Aselsan 9600 radio model
*Illumination for gauges and for computers on C&C vehicle
*16 high quality custom audio
*Realistic replica values
*FFUR dust and burning FX

Download - ofp.info [3.20 MB]

Required Addon: Turkish Union Addon Pack v2.0 [15.9 MB] - ofp.info

Turkish Union Mod

12.06.08  -  ArmA Turkish Forces Mod v1.0 Released!

30.01.08 - Turkish Forums Online!

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